Extra resilient to scratching. Will outlast all competing nonstick surfaces.

Easy cleaning. Looks brand new with water, soap and sponge.

Made without PFOAs. No harmful chemicals.

Oven safe to 450° F. Go directly from the stove to your oven.

The Abbio Advantage

Abbio The Competition Why It Matters
Coating Thickness 40 Micrometers 20 Micrometers Abbio Nonstick lasts 2x longer
Number of Layers 4 2 1-layer systems are prone to peeling
Textured Surface with Internally Reinforced Layers Yes No Suspended particles lock the layers together, making the surface even more scratch resistant
Top Coat

Designed to prevent food from sticking. Makes your pan "nonstick".

Mid Coat

Two layers in one. Extra thickness makes your Abbio pans more durable over time, and a layer of metallic particles make it more scratch resistant. 

Ground Coat

Designed to adhere to the pan and the other layers. No more peeling.

Tri-ply Pan

Three layer aluminum and stainless steel construction is first choice among chefs for performance and durability.

Bargain nonstick

“We see people scratching their nonstick pans with metal utensils all the time. So instead of blaming the consumer for ruined pans, we made one that can handle the abuse.”

Jonathan Wahl Co-Founder