Charcuterie Board

Ok, so we know you don't 'cook' a charcuterie board. And there's certainly no wrong answer for what to put on it. But we think charcuterie is such an essential part of any get together that we decided to include here anyway and help inspire you in your board-creating adventures. Side note - charcuterie is technically just preserved meat, but we're going with the common misintepretation to mean both meat and cheese.


¼ lb soft spreadable cheese (e.g. Chevre)
¼ lb mild semi-hard cheese (e.g. Gouda)
¼ lb aged hard cheese (e.g. Comte)
¼ lb salami
¼ lb prosciutto
1 box of your favorite crackers. We love Ak Mak stone ground.
1 handful of nuts (e.g. almonds)
1 sweet preserve or jam to compliment the cheese (e.g. Apricot)

Tools you need

Cutting board
Chef's knife



Recipe Directions

Get out your largest wood cutting board or serving platter.. The bigger the better. Place the cheese around the board with a small knife in each one for cutting. Arrange the cured meats into small piles and do the same for the nuts. Put the preserve in a ramekin or other small dish and place it on the board as well. Bring out a separate bowl for the crackers, or place them in a pile on the cutting board if there’s enough room. Make neat piles of each ingredient and give them space on the board.