30 mins

Veal Cutlets (Milanese)


  • Abbio Large Nonstick Skillet
  • Silicon Spatula 
  • Mixing bowls


    • Pound cutlets thin and set aside


    1. Add eggs and a big pinch of salt to a bowl and mix well. 
    2. In a second bowl or plate add flour.
    3. Place breadcrumbs on third plate or bowl.
    4. Dredge veal slices in flour shaking off any excess.
    5. Next, dip in the egg and finally the bread crumbs making sure both sides are well coated. 
    6. Heat olive oil and butter in Large Nonstick Skillet over medium heat.
    7. Add cutlets to the pan, 2-3 at a time as to avoid overcrowding. 
    8. Cook cutlets for about five minutes a side, or until both sides are golden brown.
    9. Enjoy!