Cooking with Abbio: Nonstick

Our cookware is designed to be super easy to use, and it will retain its non-stick properties for hundreds of uses when you treat it right. 

Start with low or medium heat

Just like the stainless cookware, Abbio non-stick is also tri-ply. It has an aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for heat conductivity and durability. Then it's sprayed four times with the longest-lasting, most durable non-stick coating available. The non-stick coating will withstand anything up to 450 degrees, so keep it's perfect for everything except ultra high-heat cooking on the stove or oven. If you need to go above 450 degrees, use your Abbio 3 Qt Saute Pan.

Oil is ok but aerosol cooking sprays are not

Although not required to get brilliant non-stick performance, you may add butter or oil to your non-stick pan. We think eggs taste better with a healthy dose of butter anyway! But don't use oils or sprays from a can. They contain other chemicals that actually stick to the non-stick surface and turn into a gunky mess over time.

Use silicone or wooden utensils

When cooking with Abbio non-stick, stay away from your metal spatulas and tongs. The surface will scratch over time if you use abrasive cooking utensils. 


Ok, you're on your way. See the next article about Cleaning Abbio Cookware: Non-Stock for a post-cooking guide.