Stock Pot

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Oven safe to 600˚

Ergonomic handle

Induction ready

Lid included

9.5" diameter

6 quarts

Hot pad color?

Oven safe to 600˚

Ergonomic handle

Induction ready

Lid included

9.5" diameter

6 quarts

What makes the Abbio Stock Pot the only one you need? Let’s start with size. It's just right for pasta night or Sunday chili but not so large it’s unwieldy when moving from stove to sink. 

Next let’s talk about performance. The Abbio Stock Pot gives you superior heat distribution with our fully-clad construction (base and walls), so water boils quickly and efficiently for your potatoes. The height of the walls and their shape are specially designed for slow liquid evaporation for a flavorful homemade stock. The brushed finish is timeless and looks great in any kitchen. Heat resistant handles make cooking a pleasure. 

All Abbio products come with a high-temp silicone hot pad so you can proudly serve from the oven or stovetop to your tabletop.

My wife says it is the best Nonstick cookware she's ever had! It appears to be very sturdy, so we should be enjoying her great cooking for many years.


"This is the best piece of cookware I own."


"I was thrilled to hear about Abbio. It's a fraction of the price of All-Clad, and as far as I can tell, is a superior product."


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Pasta Puttanesca

60 minutes


30 minutes

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Care and cleaning

Get the most out of your Abbio cookware with these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Abbio cookware.

Yes! The outer layers of Abbio cookware are made of stainless steel, which is the best material for glass cooking surfaces. Copper can leave a residue, and the rough surfaces of ceramic and cast iron cookware can scratch the stove.

All Abbio cookware is induction-friendly. Abbio is constructed with a magnetized layer of stainless steel specifically for induction stovetops.

It sure is! All Abbio Cookware can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Depending on your dishwasher model and local water source, some dishwasher cycles may result in residue on the cookware. But these spots are harmless and will not affect the performance of your cookware.

Please see our guide on cleaning Abbio.

Always. Abbio cookware is thoroughly tested by a 3rd party lab before delivered to our customers, and Abbio does not use PFOAs or other harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

We intentionally developed a set of cookware that performs every function you need in your home kitchen without clutter and waste. We will never offer 21 different pieces of cookware when 5 will do just fine.

Yes. You can bake your entire meal in the oven in Abbio cookware, and there’s no need to transfer your food to another dish in cases where you want to start or finish your meal in the oven.

Please see our guide for the basics of cooking with stainless cookware.

Abbio’s products are ethically and responsibly manufactured in China, in a facility shared with some of the most expensive cookware brands in the world. Abbio’s manufacturing partners allow us to bring professional grade cookware to the home cook at an accessible price.

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