15 minutes

Brie Puffy Omelet


  • Abbio Large Nonstick Skillet 
  • Silicon spatula 
  • Cutting board
  • Mixing bowl x2


    • Nothing! Just cook! 


    1. Place a Large Abbio Non Stick Skillet over medium heat   
    2. Grab your eggs and two small bowls.  Crack each egg on the counter and separate the whites from the yolks into the two separate bowls.  Season the whites with a pinch of salt. 
    3. Find your whisk and whisk the whites until they’re foamy (like the top of your latte). 
    4. Add yolks into the whites and stir to combine.     
    5. Melt the butter in your non-stick pan and add eggs. 
    6. Thinly slice the brie. 
    7. As the eggs begin to set up, lay your brie on the eggs, covering only half of the pan (because we’re going to fold it over later).  Dollop the jam over the brie.  Cover the pan with a plate or lid and reduce heat to low.   
    8. After a few minutes remove the lid from the pan.  Flip the naked half of the omelet onto the brie and jam half.  Turn up the heat and re-cover to finish steaming for about a minute.    
    9. Grab a plate! Remove the lid from the pan.  Stick with me here . . . take your hand and grab the pan handle palm side up (low five the pan handle), take the plate in your other hand.  Tip the pan toward the plate and let the omelet roll out onto the plate, folding over itself.  Well done!