Fried Egg

The fried egg seems so simple, but we promise it gives the unsuspecting cook fits. There are a few keys to mastering it, but upon doing so, it's the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, or finishing touch to a meal!


1 egg
Salt and Pepper

Tools you need

Abbio 8" Skillet
Silicon or hard plastic spatula


Set aside 1 cracked egg and 1 /2 tablespoon of butter.

Recipe Directions

Turn on your stove on and place your Abbio skillet on medium heat.

Once the surface of the skillet is warm, about 60 seconds, drop the butter into the pan and let it melt completely.

Gently lay the cracked egg into the center of the pan and let the egg cook for approximately 90 seconds, or until the outside edge of the egg starts to brown. The top of egg white will still be slightly runny.

To finish the egg, gently baste by tipping the frying pan, and spooning the excess butter from the pan on top of the egg.

Repeat this basting process for ~30 seconds or so until the egg white is solid but the yolk is still delicate and runny.

Use your spatula to transfer your egg to a plate, finish with salt and pepper and enjoy!