10 minutes

Goat Cheese & Herb Omelette



    • Tear parsley into small pieces and set aside 
    • Crumble cheese and mix in a bowl with parsley 


    1. Heat oil or butter in an Abbio Nonstick Skillet over medium-low heat.
    2. While the oil / butter warm up whisk three eggs in a bowl with two tablespoons of milk or water. 
    3. Add the eggs and let the mixture cook, until set around the edges, about 2 minutes.
    4. Add your herbs and cheese evenly around the pan. 
    5. With a spatula, loosen the edges of the cooked egg. you can tip the pan to allow uncooked egg to run underneath and cook. Repeat at various spots until no uncooked egg remains.
    6. Season with salt and pepper.
    7. Slip a spatula under one side, fold the omelet in half and slide onto a plate.