10 minutes

Nacho Cheese Popcorn


  • Abbio Stock Pot
  • Large Mixing Bowls


    • Mix all of your dry spices in a bowl and set aside 


    1. Place oil or butter in the Stock Pot over medium heat. 
    2. When the oil is hot, 1-2 minutes, drop a few kernels into the pot to see if they pop. If they don't pop after ~10 seconds, let the oil or butter heat up further.
    3. Add the remainder of the kernels into the pot and cover.
    4. As the popcorn begins pops, occasionally shake the stock pot vigorously to mix up the kernels.
    5. Continue this process, shaking every 30 seconds or so, until the popping stops.
    6. Remove the popcorn from the pot and transfer to a large bowl, mix with nacho cheese spice mix, and enjoy hot!