15 minutes

Sweet Onion Poke


  • Abbio Sauce Pan
  • Mixing Bowl 


    • Thinly slice sweet onion and green onion 
    • Slice fish in long strides against the grain 



    1. Place a small pot over high heat.  Add equal parts water and rice to the pot, bring to a rolling boil, immediately cover, and remove from heat. 
    2. Find a large bowl.  Grab your fish and slice into cubes.  Take your green onions, trim the roots (see hot tip!), and slice on the bias (diagonally) to release all the flavors.  Now grab your sweet onion and, following the lines, slice it as thin as you can. Throw your fish and all of the onions into the bowl and toss to combine.  Now add the soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.
    3. Grab a plate and pile rice onto one side.  You don’t want to mix hot rice with cold poke, it will cook the fish, defeating the purpose of poke.  Pile some poke alongside the rice. Garnish with a bit more scallion, if you’re feeling fancy. Done!