Vegetable Potato Curry

Vegetables and potatoes. Sounds boring, right? Well it turns out you can throw together a pretty delicious weeknight dinner with all the leftover produce in your fridge. The secret is curry powder and chicken stock. The former gives your dish that richness you can smell from the other room, and the later makes your lentils taste good. Make extra for lunch the next day, or the whole week


1 cup dried lentils
4 cups chicken stock
2 tablespoon curry powder
2 medium russet potatoes
1 head of cauliflower
2 carrots
Salt and black pepper
1 bunch of cilantro (optional) for garnish

Don’t have carrots or cauliflower? No problem - improvise with your favorite vegetables. Try onions, bell peppers, asparagus or even spinach.

Tools you need

Sauté pan
Wood spoon
Chef’s knife
Cutting board
Large bowl
Measuring spoons
Measuring cups


Cut up your potatoes into medium chunks, roughly the size of a quarter. The exact size doesn’t matter as long as the pieces are consistently sized so they cook evenly. Do the same for the other vegetables.

Break off cilantro, or other green garnish from stem, and set aside.

Recipe Directions

Add 3 ½ cups chicken stock, lentils and curry powder to the sauté pan over medium heat. Bring the mixture to a boil, turn the heat down and stir every few minutes for about 15 minutes total. The lentils will still be hard, but they will have started to absorb water.

Once lentils have absorbed some of the liquid, add your potatoes to the pan and cover it. Let it cook for about 5 minutes. Now your lentils should start to be tender - taste them - but your potatoes will still be hard in the center.

Add the rest of the chicken stock to your pan if things are looking a bit dry. Then add the rest of the vegetables and cook about 10 minutes or until your newly-added vegetables are soft but not mushy.

Salt and pepper time. Add, stir and taste. Add a bunch of cilantro (or other green garnish) on top for the finishing touch.