Deep Frying


  1. Fill the Stock Pot with approximately 10 cups of oil. When frying, you'll want to make sure to use a neutral oil with a high smoke point. Oils such as vegetable or peanut oil are ideal because they won't impart your food with any off-putting tastes. 
  2. Turn on the stovetop to medium high heat, and bring the oil to 350 degrees. 
  3. Slowly add your food into into the hot oil, being careful not stack any of the ingredients.
  4. You may have to increase the temperature of your stove after adding ingredients, as the oil will cool down after adding cold or room temperature foods. You can adjust the temperature of the oil between adding batches of ingredients to the oil. Use your thermometer to tabs on that temp! 
  5. Once your food is cooked, use your spider or slotted spoon to carefully lift your ingredients out of the hot oil.