Poaching Eggs


  1. Fill sauce pan halfway with water.
  2. Place pan over medium-high heat and add a splash of white vinegar. This helps keep the egg white together.
  3. Bring water to a boil, and turn off heat. 
  4. Using the slotted spoon, turn the water clockwise in circles until it is spinning freely. This motion causes the egg to wrap around itself when you drop it into the water. The result is a beautiful round poached egg instead of one with wispy egg whites coming out in all directions.
  5. Slowly crack your egg into the water and cover the pan. 
  6. After four minutes, remove the lid and carefully lift your egg out of the pan using your slotted spoon, allowing the excess water to drip off the egg. As an optional step, you can put the egg on a paper towel to absorb extra water.
  7. Place the egg on the dish of your choice and enjoy.